Turf Depot 56

Turf Depot 56 has a classic grass appearance that is perfect for low-traffic landscapes. This artificial turf is soft with a very organic complexion. Turf Depot 56 was designed for individuals looking for a natural looking artificial turf at an affordable price.

Approximate Total Weight: 56 oz.

Approximate Pile Height: 1.35 in.

Backing: Polyurethane

Fiber: Polyethylene

Infill: 1 lb/psf

Warranty: 16 Years

Roll Width: 12 ft

Yarn Quality: DuraBlade™

Blade Type: Mini C


What is DuraBlade™ Technology?

DuraBlade™ Technology integrates raw material with a modern extrusion technique to create a molecular structure that improves fiber performance and durability.


Higher Durability

DuraBlade™ is 2X more durable than existing grades which means better resistance to high traffic.


Higher Temperature Resistance

DuraBlade™ is also more resistant to high temperatures which allows better protection against the colors fading over time.

Installation Photos